LTFP Long Term Financial Planning Software

Manage your organisation’s financial sustainability and comply with accounting standards with CT Management Group’s logical and easy to use Long Term Financial Planning software.

Our LTFP software has been developed based on our vast experience in delivering the Municipal Association of Victoria’s (MAV) Local Government Sustainability Program.

Developed by our Local Government specialists, the software offers improved financial planning methodologies and highlights key policies, including rating strategies and long-term infrastructure renewal needs.

Councils rely on our LTFP software to deliver their annual Budget and Strategic Resource Plans.

That’s why we’re Australia’s fastest growing Local Government consultancy.

LTFP software features:

  • New enhancements and up-to-date data for new purchasers and software upgrades
  • Logical and easy to use Long Term Financial Planning tool
  • Automatic error checking
  • Dashboard analysis feature for testing scenarios and creating presentations
  • Graphical presentation and reporting of information
  • 10 year capital works program – renewal, upgrade and new
  • Ability to populate forecast results to compare to budgeted position
  • Calculation of renewal gap (annual and accumulated)
  • Development of loans modelling schedules
  • Capital Works Evaluation Tool

To find out how our LTFP software can improve your organisation’s Long Term Financial Planning or to upgrade to the latest software package, get in touch.

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