Experience meets innovation

For 20 years CT Management Group has provided high quality consultancy services and innovative products to Local Government and the public and corporate sectors.

Our products are proven and provide practical, technology-driven and cost-effective solutions that are supported by our years of experience, specialist knowledge and skills.

We have experience developing sector-wide programs in partnership with Local Government associations such as the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

That’s why we’re Australia’s fastest growing Local Government consultancy.

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CT Management Group’s Product suite includes:

SCEM – Service Cost Evaluation Model

CT Management Group has developed a process and SCEM (Service Cost Evaluation Model) which assists Councils in defining the range and level of service, prepare costed 10 year service plans and then examine the sustainability of the current services provided at their current level, using the Long Term Financial Plan (LTFP).

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CAPEX Tool – Capital Works Evaluation Tool

The principles of the CAPEX Tool is that it subjects all proposed capital works to an objective business case analysis via the Project Input worksheet (template) so that the

costs of the priority projects can be scored; and the cost implications assessed via the integration capabilities of the CWE Tool with the LTFP.

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CT Connect – Managed Services

“Connecting Councils to Data and Services”


What is a CT Connect Managed Service?

CT Management Group has created CT Connect partnering with independent service providers to deliver “back room” internal services to Council.

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LTFP Long Term Financial Planning Software

Manage your organisation’s financial sustainability and comply with accounting standards with CT Management Group’s logical and easy to use Long Term Financial Planning software.

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Council Financial Ratios Benchmarking

Our financial ratios are comprehensive, enabling a full analysis of Council’s financial performance to be undertaken.

Includes the Latest Council Financial Ratios Data Charts 2015-2016 – The financial ratios data will detail how your Council compares to Councils in your Council grouping across a full range of financial ratios.

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Strategic Resource Plan Template

CT Management’s Strategic Resource Plan Template brings the data and the financial policies of Council together in the most comprehensive document available in the sector.

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Moloney Renewal Modelling

Moloney Renewal Modelling is the Victorian Local Government sector’s most relied on system for calculating asset renewal demand.

A trusted component of the Municipal Association of Victoria’s STEP program, Moloney Renewal Modelling uses Councils’ condition assessment data to determine the maintenance and capital renewal funding required to achieve the desired asset condition.

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