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Contract And Project Management

Delivering your projects – on time and on budget

CT Management’s procurement, tendering, contract and project management support focuses on providing solutions to satisfy your time, budget and compliance pressures.

Our experience assisting Local Government and the public sector with projects large and small has led us to hone well-developed processes and procedures that ensure success.

Success begins with a clear vision and detailed scope. It ends with us delivering your project – on time and on budget.

We can manage all aspects of your project, including:

  • Ensuring sound procurement processes
  • Preparing contract specifications and briefs
  • Managing the tendering process
  • Managing contract evaluations
  • Probity auditing services
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • Contract management and superintendent services
  • Project Management
  • Managing contract documentation
  • Policy and procedure development

That’s why we’re Australia’s fastest growing Local Government consultancy.

To find out how we can partner with you to improve your Contract and Project Management goals, get in touch.



Our Contract And Project Management solutions include: