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Executive Recruitment

CT Management Group – your first choice in Recruitment

At CT Management Group, we believe good people are worth searching for.

With a wealth of recruitment experience, we can assist your organisation with its executive recruitment needs.

We can coordinate the entire process – giving you the security of knowing the recruiting effort is in professional hands. Alternatively, if you are recruiting internally and need some extra support, you can rely on us to provide that too.

We know the job because we’ve done the job.

That’s why we’re Australia’s fastest growing Local Government consultancy.

We provide Executive Recruitment support in 2 areas:

  • Executive recruitment for CEOs and senior management – Finding the right person to fill your job vacancy at levels 1, 2 and 3
  • Recruitment support services – shortlisting candidates, developing position descriptions, preparing interview questions, conducting reference checks, providing independent panel members

Take the stress out of finding a replacement: we can also provide a carefully matched Associate for a temporary Placement, giving you peace of mind knowing that the position is in capable hands during the recruitment process.

To find out how we can assist you to find the right person for your organisation, get in touch.