Leadership And Corporate Development

At CT Management Group, we believe the best leader’s work is done when the team has been coached to do it themselves.

Our Leadership and Corporate Development Program delivers improved manager performance and results while helping them realise their potential as leaders.

CT Management Group offers team and individual coaching with our experienced mentors, including:

  • Individual leadership executive coaching and mentoring
  • Team leadership and corporate development
  • Maximising personal performance
  • Organisation or business strategy, development and performance
  • Executive career planning
  • Board governance and strategy development

We also provide targeted training and mentoring to our clients. Our focus is on providing practical knowledge and recommendations.
Our clients find that mentoring provides a fresh perspective on their challenges and assists them to achieve their goals.

Mentoring can:

  • Help you set professional and personal goals and stay on track
  • Provide guidance on a particular issue or challenge
  • Help you to focus your activities and resources to achieve optimal results
  • Provide high level support and advice to help you become more effective in your role
  • Train you in additional skills

Mentoring is available to individuals or small groups on a sessional or ongoing basis.

To find out how we can help you to get the best from your leaders, download the flyer or get in touch.

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