Functional Span Mapping

The Functional Span Mapping process was developed to record, analyse and review the functions provided by Local Government across the range of services on behalf of the community. The process records the functions in Functional Span Charts as:

  • Products and Services
  • Processes and Systems

This process enables an improved appreciation of the fundamentals of ‘services’ which are the cornerstones of Local Government.

The Functional Span Charts represent the functions using a software tool which displays the results pictorially for a better appreciation of the functional links and relativities between the products, services, processes and systems.

The Functional Span Mapping process provides an interactive way to have all staff involved with the consolidation of future directions, plus clarification of roles and responsibilities.

The Functional Span Charts are combined with the roles and responsibilities derived from the facilitated workshops to build the Functional Structure which can then be translated into an Organisation Structure with robust links to the service fundamentals and the process improvements.

Functional Span Charts:

  • Provide groupings of tasks and activities
  • Outline hierarchy of roles and responsibilities rather than positions / people
  • Provide output aligned with corporate outcomes
  • Utilise systems and processes documentation as input
  • Recognise the functions best undertaken in workshop sessions with staff from functional areas
  • Strengthen understanding of exactly what products and services are provided by the organisation (Department, Section, Team)
  • Recognise processes and systems used to provide products and services
  • Reference critical categories of strategic, tactical and operational planning
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