The trusted partner in building the financial sustainability and service capacity of organisations

CT Management Group has been one of Australia’s most trusted providers of Local Government professional services for over 25 years.

What we offer

CT Management Group specialises in providing independent financial advisory and leadership services to organisations.

For over 25 years, CT Management Group has been one of Australia’s most trusted providers of Local Government professional services. We have experience developing sector-wide programs in partnership with Local Government Associations such as the Municipal Association of Victoria and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Our skills and expertise have seamlessly transferred to other sectors, primarily through referral and requests. CT Management Group is now able to support a wider range of industries, sectors and organisations including the Not-for-Profit, Education, Emergency Services, Health and Legal sectors.

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Experience that works for you

Since our establishment in 1995, CT Management Group has been providing consultancy services to Local Government, as well as the public and corporate sectors.

We help organisations achieve their goals by providing solutions supported by our years of experience, specialist knowledge and skills.

Asset management

From roads and bridges to buildings and parks, every organisation has significant assets that need to be managed and developed.

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Project management

Procurement, tendering, contract and project management support focuses on providing solutions to satisfy your time, budget and compliance.

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Financial management

We work closely with Council to develop financial strategies that are effective, practical and help to build Council’s financial capacity.

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Whether it is a comprehensive organisation review or support with a specific operational issue, our experienced Associates can help your organisation maximise its people potential.

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Service planning

Having detailed Service Plans with costed levels of service will allow Council to make comparative choice decisions in a transparent manner when service and budget adjustments are required.

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Professional placement

We have been placing Associates into Council’s and State Government on a short and long term basis for over 23 years, and know how important it is to find the right person for the job.

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A national network and focus

Our existing networks and relationships provide us with exposure to an extremely large pool of Councils.

Our expertise and experience is also supported by our Associates.

Through our networks we have built a virtual organisation of skilled professionals who every day are at work with over 80 councils/organisations across the country.

Our Directors and our Associates have vast experience in senior management roles in Local Government, as well as the corporate and public sectors.

We have offices in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania that are strategically positioned to support our Council clients.

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Experience meets innovation

For over 23 years CT Management Group has provided high quality consultancy services and innovative products to Local Government and the public and corporate sectors.

Our products are proven and provide practical, technology-driven and cost-effective solutions that are supported by our years of experience, specialist knowledge and skills.

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