Asset Management – Building Condition Assessments

From strategic to operational requirements, CT Management Group understand the importance of Councils undertaking reviews of their Infrastructure Assets. These reviews have an impact on operational and renewal budgets. Regular condition assessments also assist in prioritising Service Delivery Long Term Financial Planning.

CT Management Group provides a Condition & Maintenance Review Services for Buildings, Parks and Gardens, and Roads as an independent assessment and review of Council’s assets and is performed by our qualified Asset Management Associates.

More than ever before, organisations need to critically review all buildings and match service levels to their needs. The Building Condition Assessment & Maintenance Review is a service that ensures buildings, parks and gardens and roads maintenance priorities align with your community’s needs/expectations while meeting Asset Management requirements and provides comprehensive pre-event information to assist in any future NDRRA claims.

It also provides management with updated maintenance and renewal information making it possible to address condition and maintenance issues. The review improves customer service by determining ‘hot spots’ through spatial integration, improving works planning and enhancing Asset Management through more accurate and regular data collection.

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