Asset Reviews – Building Condition Assessments

CT Management Group has been undertaking Building Condition Assessment projects for over 24 years, with a focus on local government, not-for-profit organisations and large asset owners such as, education.

Good Asset Management practice requires that councils should be undertaking regular condition assessments of key asset classes including buildings.

If council is planning to update their existing building assets condition and maintenance program data, then CT Management Group would be pleased to provide you with a proposal. This would include the following:

  1. Updated Condition Data (by building element and overall building if required)
  2. Updated and new identification of all reactive maintenance, planned maintenance and renewal works required by:
    1. Risk rating (if required)
    2. Estimated cost
    3. Recommended year for maintenance/renewal activity.

This data will enable council to confidently continue to be able to plan, prioritise and fund ongoing maintenance activities based on sound data linked to your Long Term Financial Plan.

Asset insurance

Recently, comment has been made regarding current trends in the local government insurance market about significant rises in premiums.

It was noted that one of the requirements that insurers are now looking for is more detailed information on insurable assets such as buildings and parks equipment. Information being requested include building and sub component construction materials and conditions.

CT Management Group has been providing this information as part of undertaking buildings and recreation asset condition assessments for 35 plus councils over a number of years. This information will assist your council negotiate insurance premiums as well as your planning and managing of assets into the future.

The other benefit is that this assessment process will also help to ensure that all of council’s insurable assets are on the same asset register. If they aren’t declared and on the asset register, then it is very unlikely that insurers will cover them if an event occurs.

Our distinctive competencies are our experience, maturity and independence in working with clients to enable the provision of solutions that also reflect our understanding of the local government sector.

One of our key strengths is the ability to offer senior, experienced associates in project management, asset management, condition assessments and reporting, who can give councils an independent professional assessment of the performance of assets.

To discuss or seek further information on how we can assist your council with Building Condition Assessments, please contact our office on 1300 500 932, email Merv Hair or complete the form below.

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