August 2020 | A message from the Managing Director

Life with COVID-19

The reality of life with COVD-19 is extremely challenging for Councils, communities and individuals.

Right now we are truly assessing the risks to family, employment and general lifestyle and beginning to realise, “life as we knew it” has perhaps, changed for good.

This reflection is particularly the case in Melbourne where the second wave of the virus has gripped the city and Stage 4 restrictions have been activated.

There is no easy route through this crisis..

Besides the obvious problem of selecting the correct path to take, leaders also face the monumental task of reassuring the public and persuading them to follow through on government decisions.

This is complex when measures such as social distancing, with its knock-on effect on employment – come at great personal cost

Nowhere is this more evident than in the tourism and service sectors.

For our governments and civic leaders getting the community on side, “following the rules”, in an era where everyone has instant access to information and “expert opinion” compounds this challenge.

Challenging times for political leaders – a wrong move erodes trust and political capital, and unleashes unrest that exacerbates the existing risks.

It remains to be seen, and possibly for history to judge, whether our political leaders have risen to the occasion with the appropriate responses.

What is also clear is the critics lack alternatives and strategic responses, and serve to amplify confusion, fear and anxiety.

Difficult times indeed!

What a year 2020 has turned out to be!

  • The impact of bushfires, destroying lives and livelihoods
  • Communities (all over the world) dealing with COVID-19!
  • No AFL sides in Melbourne in July 2020
  • Most local sporting competitions cancelled
  • National economy is forecast to contract by 10%-12% by June, equivalent of $50bn
  • Between March and April the number of jobs fell by 7.5% while the value of wages paid slumped by 8.2%
  • Australian Super posted a small positive return of 0.52% in the balanced funds
  • Interest rates at 0.25%
  • 1m people now unemployed in Australia
  • Latest Victorian lockdown to cost Australian economy $6bn and significantly slow the nation’s economic recovery
  • Unemployment is expected to hit at least 10% by June, double the position in March 2020
  • International Air Transport estimates COVID-19 could cost airlines worldwide $113bn in lost revenue
  • No international flights into Melbourne for now
  • Virgin and Qantas have reduced personnel by 14,000 with a 25% cut in international flights
  • $40m hole in Northern Territory tourism for March alone, down 33%
  • Melbourne in lockdown with police checking vehicles and people’s access and egress
  • National debt will be $800bn higher by the end of the decade in 2030
  • States are spending around 2.5% of their total domestic product on fiscal support with the Commonwealth spending around 15%
  • Permits required to go interstate
  • Three successive Local Government Ministers for Victoria after the branch stacking affair
  • LG Victoria now part of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions

No forward plan would have predicted any of the above (other than the state government department reshuffle!)

Change, adaptability and flexibility are the new catch cries!

What has all of this meant for the CT Management Group?

Firstly we made a commitment to keep all of our staff.

All staff have all been working diligently from their home offices and our major communication is through virtual business meetings and project management.

We are seeing the ongoing loss of knowledge and experience in Councils particularly in asset management, governance, contract management and finance.

From a consulting perspective we continue to develop our consulting products, systems and digital platform – CT Connect.

CT Connect is the platform we work through to share documents, presentations and data with our clients and Associates.

For our Associates projects and placements have been challenging but in this “new environment” businesses need to be innovative and this is where we are now turning our attention.

Like all businesses it is important that we at CT Management Group continue to communicate with you our clients and assure you that our Services and Products are continuing to be available through formal proposals depending on your need.

Demand is showing signs of increasing particularly for project managers and asset management and service planning.

CT Management has a clear Business Plan and targets for the coming 12 months and the capacity to be “flexible and adaptable” to what this unique COVID-19 environment might present..

Finally thank you to you our Clients for your continuing relationship and appreciated business.

Best regards,

Michael Courtney
Managing Director
CT Management Group

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