Australian Bushfires and Recovery

CT Management Group recognises the mass disruption we are currently experiencing across the nation with the Australian bushfires. The impact to communities and the losses incurred by individuals and businesses over the past three months caused by the relentless bushfires is devastating.

The latest statistics suggest the bushfires have burnt through an estimated 18.6 million hectares and that more than half of all Australian’s have been directly affected by the crisis. This includes the tragic loss of human lives and wildlife, the loss and damage to thousands of homes and communities and the resulting impact on livelihoods and the health of many Australians.

There are currently thousands of people working tirelessly to fight the fires and the additional international assistance we have received, highlights just how catastrophic this Australian bushfires situation really is. It is also a reminder of the scale of support that is and will be needed to coordinate and assist those individuals and communities that have been directly impacted.

We commend the Federal and State Governments who have not only set up funding and agency support, but also the coordination of authorities to speed up recovery in a bid to minimise trauma.

We extend our support to these authorities, local municipalities and communities in the enormous recovery process to follow.

We are available to discuss how we can support your council through the bushfire recovery period, please contact 1300 500 932 or complete the form below.

IMAGE CREDIT: Fairfax Media

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