Capitalising on Grants and Funding opportunities

CT Management Group has a wide range of Associates on-call and ready to respond to the challenge of pulling together grant and funding applications, project information, feasibility studies and other necessary grant application elements to increase the likelihood of success. Our experienced Associates are well versed in addressing funding application criteria and demonstrating the capacity of Council’s, thus revealing to agencies that they are indeed ‘shovel-ready’ with projects that align to identified community needs and wants.

There has been an abundance of grant and funding opportunities available to Council’s in the wake of COVID-19, bushfires and drought impacts across Australia in recent times.

Consequently, the release of these opportunities often isn’t part of the regular grant cycle or aligned with the standard funding protocols that may agencies tend to use. This can catch Council’s off guard requiring the quick mobilisation of resources to pull together the project information needed for a robust grant application, and impact on business as usual.

We offer a flexible and timely grant application solution for Council’s through our ability to be engaged via the NSW Local Government Procurement Panel LGP1208-3 Professional Consulting Services.

For further information and to have a discussion about how CT Management Group can assist your Council to secure grant funding please contact Jarrod Bryant, Regional Manager (NSW) on Mobile: 0404 850 822 or Email:

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