Closing the Gap Challenges – Capital Works Delivery

CT Management Group is continually collating and analysing performance data from the local government sector across Australia. We recently undertook an analysis of Capital Works Delivery across Victoria Councils over 10 years and the following provides a summary of the findings:

Capital Works Delivery - Total CAPEX & Delivered CAPEX
Total CAPEX & Delivered CAPEX
Capital Works Delivery - Annual Unexpended Capex
Annual Unexpended Capex
Capital Works Delivery - Renewal Expenditure & Depreciation Charges Per Annum
Renewal Expenditure & Depreciation Charges Per Annum
Summary of CAPEX delivered

The above indicates that many Councils have a challenge with project management / delivery and there are a variety of reasons for this, but indications are that this has been generally consistent over the past 10 years. To add to this are the dual challenges of the current COVID-19 pandemic plus local government elections recently in Queensland and in Victoria later this year.

CT Management Group have experienced project and program managers available to work either remotely or within offices as required to assist Councils step up their delivery of CAPEX projects which are even more vital to local communities and the economy in the current climate.

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