CT Management Group 2018 Client Survey

The response to the CT Management Group 2018 Client Survey has assisted us to understand our clients level of satisfaction in the services and products we have provided and has informed us of the demand for particular services and products in the future.

The response indicated that there is high demand and satisfaction with support in the areas of Asset Management, Contract and Project Management, Financial Management and Organisation Development.

High results indicated that our clients value the company’s experience, Associate experience, Quality of work and Willingness to satisfy.

The survey did indicate that some Councils would like CT Management Group to assist in systems accounting, Rate modelling, Engineering works and Town planning. These suggestions will be considered.

Constructive comments were also made for more information being available on the company’s website whilst generally there was a high level of satisfaction with information already available.

The 2018 Survey has been valuable in the feedback it has provided and we welcome at any time through the year your comments in regard to our services or where you may need further information or support.

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