CT Management Group Asset Management Capacity Building Program (AMCap)

CT Management Group introduced the AMCap Program during 2019/20 in Victoria to provide a sector wide Asset Management Capacity Building Program in the Local Government sector.

Councils have the challenge to improve long term asset management and financial planning with most jurisdictions now requiring 10 year Asset Management Plans linked to 10 year Financial Plans.

Council Asset Management Plans are subject to audit by the State Auditor General in Victoria.

The objectives of CT Management Group’s AMCap Program are:

  1. To establish the sector wide asset management competency in each state utilising the (National Asset Management Assessment Framework) NAMAF.
  2. To provide the opportunity for councils, at their choice, to achieve advanced competency under the NAMAF.
  3. To provide financial, asset management and service planning benchmarking data based on Audit Office and council financials, depreciation charges, asset valuations and renewal rates per asset category.
  4. To establish through consultation with councils the validity and underlying risks associated with the council’s asset management plans with detailed focus on:
    1. Projecting council’s renewal demand
    2. Analyse the renewal gap and funding strategy
    3. Integration with the long-term financial plan
    4. Alignment of assets to service planning demand (including service levels)
    5. Action plan for future improvements and innovative opportunities
  5. To provide a conduit/relationship to an asset management expert during the AMCap Program via video conferencing.
  6. To provide an industry sector overview of its asset management maturity through summary reporting.

CT Management Group has established a virtual network for the exchange of information securely and confidentially with each participant council.

Program Content includes:

  1. NAMAF Framework
  2. Asset Renewal Information
  3. Service Planning Framework
  4. Financial Ratios Data
  5. Council Report

We are happy to provide council site visits on request and on a fee for service basis.

We believe the video conferencing approach will reduce costs and council officers’ time commitment to complete the requirements of the program.

Invitations to Councils across all states will be forwarded in September detailing the proposed program for each state – we look forward to your responses to participate in our Asset Management National Capacity Building Program!

Enquiries and further information on the Program can be provided by completing the enquiry form below or visiting our AMCap website page or contact Merv Hair on 1300 500 932.

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