Does your Procurement pose a risk?

Alfonso Della Monica - Regional Manager Vic/Tas

Alfonso Della Monica

Regional Manager Vic/Tas

Does your Procurement pose a risk? The COVID-19 crisis has taught us all much about RISK over the last year. But something else happened last year of great significance to the local government sector within Victoria – the new Local Government Act 2020 (‘LGA 2020’).

This new LGA 2020 requires that all Victorian councils should have a fully adopted Procurement Policy in place by 31 December 2021. The LGA 2020 also introduces major changes to the procurement processes and practices which will require councils to revise their procurement strategy, processes, procedures and train their staff to ensure compliance with the new procurement provisions.

CT Management Group’s solution-based Procurement Services focus on identifying council’s needs and risks and provide solutions to address them. Our Procurement Services include:

  • LGA 2020 Transition Plan – Develop a new Procurement Policy, procedures, processes, and templates customised to your council. This plan also includes training staff about what major changes were made to procurement and how it will affect their day-to-day work.
  • Procurement Management System – Review and development of an effective procurement system, procedures, processes, and tender and contract templates.
  • Specialist advice on any aspect of procurement, contract, and project management from small to major and complex projects.
  • Staff capability development through short term placements or training sessions (training includes one-on-one or group; general or customised to your needs).
  • Digital Procurement – Transition from desktop process to digitised procurement.
  • Placement – Support organisations with major projects or to manage day-to-day works.
  • Support and advice for transitioning from decentralised procurement to centre-led or centralised procurement.

CT Management Group has been delivering governance, financial and compliance solutions to Councils nationally for the past 25 years. During this time Open Windows has also built a track record of delivering enterprise project, procurement, and contract management solutions.

CT Management Group’s solution-based Procurement Services also includes the option of Open Windows Software (Cloud based), with the solution providing:

  • A digital and fully integrated system which will minimise risk and provide high levels of transparency in cases of IBAC or Ombudsman investigations.
  • Enhanced transparency, accountability, accessibility, oversight, and reporting via dashboards.
  • Council enabling of maximum value to the community, through appropriate controls, reporting and benchmarking.
  • Protection to Council’s reputation and integrity due to the capacity to include customised regulatory compliant workflows/procedures.
  • Opportunity for Council to procure, contract manage projects to standards demanded by the organisation.
  • Audit trails for compliance and commercial benefit and the capacity to measure both against key performance indicators.
  • All aspects of procurement and contract management including workflows that complement or replace council’s internal processes.

To find out more about how these services can meet your council’s needs and how we can assist you, call us on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

Alfonso Della Monica
Regional Manager Vic/Tas

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