Flood Recovery | Southern Grampians

Restoration of assets

CT Management Group is pleased to have been contracted to complete flood recovery works under contract for repairs to the damage arising from the September/October 2016 and March 2017 floods and storms across the Southern Grampians Shire Council.

The restoration efforts resulted in approximately $34 million of works, across all asset types including roads, drainage, footpaths, walking trails, community buildings and recreational facilities.

Paula Gardiner (pictured left), Civil Engineer and CT Management Group Project Manager, coordinated this project. Paula said the flood office engaged a number of specialist services through contracted staff. At the peak having 14 positions. These roles were filled by at least 26 individuals across two and a half years.

The following statistics put the size of this flood recovery project into perspective;

  • 26 community asset projects completed, costing $2.02 million
  • 16 insured assets for claim value of $1.23 million
  • 5078 flood defects on essential infrastructure (>$30 million)
    • ROADS : 654km of repairs in total, comprising of:
      • 225km road repairs
      • 176km shoulder repairs
      • 253km roadside drainage cleared and restored
    • PLUS
      • 1229 minor culvert defects repaired
      • 88 bridges and major culverts repaired
      • 7 tunnel erosion sites remediated
      • 256sq metres of footpath repairs
      • 4km underground storm water pipes inspected and cleaned
      • 1.5km storm water pipes lined
  • Over 168,000 photos taken as evidence of damage and repairs
  • Over 500,000 asset data points collected
  • Over 55 contractors engaged
    • 30 tenders
    • 22 formal requests for quotation

Whilst the floods provided a major disruption to the Southern Grampians Region the restoration activity over the past two and a half years has provided a boost to the local economy with the number of contractors requiring essential goods such as, accommodation, food and fuel to sustain their presence in the region.

The completion of this project has allowed the Shire to now return to normal operation works.

CT Management Group has completed many disaster recovery projects over recent years and further information in relation to these projects can be obtained by contacting Merv Hair on 1300 500 932 or by completing the form below.

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