Fraud and Corruption Prevention

Including Detection Controls

CT Management Group and its Alliance Partner have a depth of professional skill and expertise in supporting Councils, Officers and staff. Many of our professionals having over three decades of experience in identifying areas of deception, fraud and corruption.

The Victorian Auditor General’s Office’s (VAGO) Audit Report, which was released in June 2019, includes 12 recommendations and many additional lessons that all councils can learn from. These include measures to not only identify and respond to fraud and corruption incidents, but how to prevent them in the first place.

In light of the revelations the report disclosed, CT Management Group’s alliance partners aim to help councils enhance their fraud and corruption prevention as well as implement detection controls. With over three decades practical experience in the Local Government sector, members of our specialist Ethical Conduct and Investigations team have previously held high profile council positions including General Managers, Heads of Governance and Risk, Certified Fraud Examiners, Specialists, Principal Auditors and Chief Investigators.

Some of the ways in which they have helped councils improve their fraud and corruption controls include:

  • Conducting a “fresh eyes” gap assessment against the VAGO’s recommendations.
  • Reviewing existing fraud and corruption prevention framework.
  • Conducting a focussed fraud and corruption risk assessment across your Council.
  • Helping design and implement specific fraud and corruption prevention and detection controls.
  • Conducting a detailed review of systems access assignments to identify potential segregation of duties conflicts.
  • Designing bespoke data analytics tools to help identify potentially fraudulent transactions.
  • Delivering bespoke fraud and corruption training for council personnel and councillors.
  • Reviewing and enhancing Code of Conduct and retraining staff.
  • Conducting specialist investigations.
  • Assisting with disciplinary action, insurance recovery and/or litigation support.

Our highly skilled and experienced associates and partners have the ability to identify and make you aware of issues that may be occurring within your council currently. They will also work through all recommendations and create procedures around controls that are necessary to ensure your council is protected from incidents of Fraud and Corruption in the future.

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