Go Get your Future!

September 2021 – A Message from the Managing Director

Michael Courtney

It is a significant challenge for Councils to plan future scenarios in this COVID 19 environment. Yet the old adage “a failure to plan is a plan to fail” is just as applicable in this environment.

How can the CT Management Group assist your Council plan your future and ensure your Council is “shovel ready”?

The Victorian Local Government Act 2020, and legislation in all of our jurisdictions, is mandating a longer-term 10-year minimum approach to asset management and financial planning.

The Sustainable Council Program provides an assessment of council’s capacity to meet the community’s future service requirements. Through an analysis of future service levels and capital investment options, the program provides a consultative approach to determine Council’s long-term financial sustainability.

This program is about having long term Asset Plans and Service Plans that can ensure Council’s financial sustainability and provide confidence that Council can deliver its services and implement projects with certainty. It also establishes the foundation for deliberative community engagement as Councils will be forced to make comparative choices about future service level options.

With rate capping in Victoria and New South Wales eroding future revenue capacity Councils will need to adjust their operating expenditure, reduce costs, and review their capacity to continue to provide the range of services presently on offer. Communities will need to be engaged in these comparative choice decisions.

Having established a long term financial plan for long term financial sustainability, and established a range of services at an affordable level, the CT Management Group can assist with detailed service reviews to ensure services are delivered efficiently.

Our capability then extends to reviewing and developing Asset Plans to ensure Council’s assets are utilised in the delivery of services and anything surplus to that is decommissioned or sold.

Why own, depreciate, renew, and maintain assets that are not utilised for service delivery?

Having established the “big picture”, the CT Management Group can assist with the inevitable details around developing:

  • Asset policies, strategies, and plans
  • Service Reviews
  • Plant and Fleet reviews incorporating transition to electric vehicles
  • Capital works programs
  • Managing capital projects and
  • Providing a suite of products such as our:
    • Long term financial plan – join our large client base!
    • Service cost evaluation model
    • Capital works evaluator

Finally thank you for the ongoing support of our Council clients particularly through these unprecedented times – we look forward to assisting your Council to “go get your future.”

Michael Courtney
Managing Director
CT Management Group

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