IT Demands in a Changing Environment

The challenge of managing through uncertain times such as COVID-19 requires innovation and flexibility in terms of meeting the challenges of everyday operations. strategic planning, risk management and compliance.

CT Management Group has a depth of experience that can assist Councils with Projects and or Executive Placements to meet additional workloads. Our highly qualified Associates have many years of Local Government experience in senior executive roles and are ready to assist in the following areas:

ICT Strategy Development or Review

Strategy Development/Review in light of changed circumstances due to COVID-19 including:

  • Managing reduced budgets
  • Reprioritisation of business strategies and priorities
  • Emphasis on the challenges of remote working
  • Provision of on-line capability for delivering services

Business Continuity

  • Development/Review of current IT Disaster Recovery Plans and Business Continuity arrangements
  • Identification and mitigation strategies for managing IT Risks

IT Governance Framework

  • Ensuring IT is aligned to business requirements and projects are achieving value for money

Legislative Compliance (VPDSF)

Compliance with Victorian Protective Data Security Framework (VPDSF) including:

  • Asset Information Register (AIR) development/review
  • Protective Data Security Plan development/review
  • Security Risk Profile Assessment

Project/Vendor Management

  • Ensure key projects are being managed appropriately and vendors are being held to account

Local Government Act 2020

  • Managing the need for system changes to meet the demands of new/changes in legislation

CT Management Group has over 25 years Local Government experience in assisting Councils throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia. We offer highly professional qualified experience in matching your projects with our resources.

For more information on our extensive project work to date with Councils or to discuss a proposal please call Malcolm McKenzie on 1300 500 932 or contact us via our Contact form below.

Remote Access:

CT Management Group, it’s Staff and Associates are resourced to work remotely with Councils. COVID-19 has highlighted how essential this is so we look forward to working with you and on your projects.

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