Local Government Roads and Transport Agenda

As we approach the approach the closing months of the current Federal Government term

the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA), the national voice representing 537 councils across the country has released its Local Government Roads and Transport Agenda 2019 stressing that Australia’s ability to move people and freight safely and efficiently is critical to national productivity and wellbeing- and all levels of government play a role.

Australia’s 537 local governments have responsibilities for funding, planning, designing, operating and maintaining the road networks in their local areas which are critical for getting people and products from door to door. Of the three levels of government, local government has the largest relative infrastructure task in terms of asset management. Local roads account for around 75% of the total road length in Australia, or 662,000kms. Yet local government has the smallest revenue base of all the tiers of government, raising only 3.6% of Australia’s total taxation revenues. The Association is stressing that whilst it appreciates the current Commonwealth funding programs through Roads to Recovery, Black Spot program and Bridge Renewal Program, additional assistance will be essential to ensure that local government transport systems can deliver safe infrastructure now and into the future.

CT Management Group is ready to support Councils in their submissions to all levels of government for increased funding for Assets through its skilled Associate resources and its Asset Management Services and Products.

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