Alicia Riches

An exceptionally determined worker who confidently handles her role is how Alicia is seen as Practice Manager of CT Management Group. She prides herself in her ability to resolve problems and achieve positive outcomes.

Alicia oversees the entire CT Management Group project portfolio, she is also responsible for managing key projects to ensure they are delivered on time and in budget. Looking at the bigger picture, Alicia strives to map out strategies to achieve maximum results for both CT Management Group and all clients.

As her career progresses, Alicia would like to advance her management level as she continues to develop her knowledge and leadership skills.

When Alicia isn’t at work you will more than likely find her taking care of her little farm just outside Geelong. Time spent taking her horses for a ride is when Alicia is at her most relaxed and carefree.

Alicia is resourceful and excels at managing her team to stay on top of tasks. She performs in her role exceptionally well, always going above and beyond. Alicia is a highly valued and admired part of the CT Management Group team.