Katie Rosani

With aspirations to grow her knowledge and cement herself in a speciality area, along with background experience in marketing for professional services, Katie was able to quickly apply existing skills to her role as Marketing Coordinator. She has a natural interest in establishing a career that helps support an ideal and quality way of life for individuals and the community.

Katie is predominantly responsible for the lines of communication between CT Management Group, our associates and both potential and existing clients through a variety of channels. Her priority is to help grow the brand awareness of CT Management Group by further promoting the services and products provided to support councils, as well as organisations in other sectors such as, not-for-profit, emergency services and education.

In previous years, Katie has held various roles on committees and been part of fundraising efforts. While currently taking a break to spend more time focusing on work and her family, it is something she will look to get back into in the future.

Finding happiness in everything she commits her time to is very important to Katie. Enjoying her role at work while still having the flexibility to be present in her young family’s life gives Katie the work/life balance she means to have.

An easy fit when she joined the CT Management Group team, Katie is a professional who has a commitment to going above and beyond. This, along with her ambition to develop her skills and find opportunities on how she can further assist the growth of CT Management Group make her an appreciated addition.