Roslyn Cox

In joining CT Management Group recently Roslyn in her role as Proposals Coordinator challenges herself to be a positive contributor to the Team where-ever possible.

Roslyn will provide professional services in the areas of tender and quotation response and the administration of Associate Management processes

Working with the Company’s Practice Manager, Roslyn brings to CT Management Group a wealth of experience in working with similar size organisations in the private and public sectors and appreciates the importance of managing her time and the deadlines of others in responding to Contract Tenders. Roslyn has a valuable network of business professionals to link with in fostering internal and external relations. She brings a team focus to her new role and adds valuable support to the administrative resources of the company.

Work/life balance is important to Roslyn and a happy workplace is like a second home. This is particularly relevant currently where we have a combination of remote and on location flexibility. As Roslyn indicates this environment promotes satisfaction and productivity.

As Roslyn’s qualifications indicate she has some unique horticulture skills and is a keen gardener which provides a sanctuary for relaxation and work/life balance.

CT Management Group is looking forward to the exciting relationship and contribution that Roslyn will bring to our Team.


Diploma of Management Advanced Certificate of Horticulture (Burnley)