Procurement Roundtables Lead the Way

by Associate – Jonathan Dutton

One relatively new associate at the CT Management Group, like many of us, has spent much of the lockdown period on ZOOM.

In this case, Jonathan Dutton FCIPS has been developing and chairing more than 30 virtual Roundtables of leading procurement managers in government and industry on best practice handling of the supply side issues during the Covid-19 crisis.

Jonathan explained, “This pandemic has shifted procurement priorities, demanded new skills and new tactics from procurement, changed our work conditions and is bringing real pressure on supply side risk and cost.

These are all topics covered directly or indirectly by the PASA Connect program of Roundtables. When we network, share and learn from each other, many more of us can implement the professional best practice of the procurement community.”

Participants included procurement leaders from key Victorian Government departments, major agencies like SA Health and others, as well as leading companies like GM Holden, Aldi, Mirvac, AstraZeneca, Cochlear, Santos, Downer EDI and many others too.

Based upon much of what was heard and learnt during these sessions and more, Jonathan has also recently written a new white-paper on “The 7 Challenges for Procurement Success in the post Covid-19 World.”

This is free to download for anyone working in or around procurement.

Jonathan and the CT Management team are well positioned to ensure clients benefit directly from these recent peer-to-peer insights and learnings both quickly and easily – especially as many local councils grapple to address issues emerging from bush-fires as well as the pandemic, and all in the context of implementing the demands of the new Victorian Local Government Act.

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS is an independent management consultant specialising in professional procurement .

He is an associate at CT Management, a PASA Brand Ambassador, a non-executive and columnist at Supply Clusters and chairs the advisory panel for supply side conferences at Quest Events. 

Jonathan is also the former founding CEO of the procurement global peak body in this region ‘The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply – Australasia (CIPSA)’

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