Service Cost Evaluation Model (SCEM)

Our Service Cost Evaluation Model (SCEM) provides councils the opportunity to undertake service planning ultimately to develop a sustainable service offering to the community.

Services provided by council consumes 75% of operating expenditure. CT Management Group’s SCEM enables council to identify its range of services and then define affordable levels of service. It establishes the framework for community consultation.

Supported by service planning consultancy in year one, the SCEM is a solution to meet these key challenges:

What range of services does our community need now and into the future?
What is the affordable level of service to support the community?
Are council’s services financially sustainable into the future?

The SCEM produces the information council will need to consult the community around comparative choices between services, levels of service and overall priorities.

The SCEM is an integral link in council’s integrated planning framework.

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The SCEM is an integral link in Council’s integrated planning framework.

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