AMCap Service

Asset Management Capacity Building Service (AMCap)

CT Management Group continues to lead the development of asset management capability in local government.

The AMCap Service has been successfully delivered to Victorian councils in for many years and we invite councils to register and join as a member of the service at any time.

The service is built upon the integration of asset management, financial planning and service planning.

  • How confident are you that your current asset management practices are financially sustainable? How do you compare with similar Councils?
  • Are you compliant with your statutory responsibilities?
  • How aligned is your infrastructure to the service demands? Are you aware of the service driven asset demand?
  • Do you have an adequate strategy and plans to manage your assets, including the demand and risks across the life-cycle of the assets?
  • Do you have defined levels of service that drive the strategic and technical management of assets?
  • Does your asset management system and workforce deliver on the required asset management objectives?
  • Are there regional asset management opportunities to work collaboratively with neighbouring Councils?

The objectives of CT Management Group’s AMCap Service are:

  • To establish a standardised sector-wide asset management competency program in each state.
  • To provide the opportunity for councils, at their choice, to achieve advanced competency under the NAMAF.
  • To provide Financial, Asset Management and Service Planning benchmarking data based on Audit Office Financial Sustainability Ratios and a range of local government performance indicators.
  • To improve asset management planning, with detailed focus on:
    • Alignment of assets to service planning demand (including service levels)
    • Strategic planning for asset renewals and upgrades to achieve long-term financial sustainability
    • Integration of assets and services with financial planning
    • Management of asset related risk (including criticality)
    • Planned operations, inspections, maintenance and renewal of assets, informed by hierarchy and criticality of assets
    • Action planning for future improvements and innovative opportunities
  • To provide opportunities to develop regional asset management capabilities – to work collaboratively, sharing resources and develop regional procurement plans
  • To provide Council with an overview of its asset management maturity and development needs through individual Council summary reporting.

CT Management Group has an established virtual network for the exchange of information securely and confidentially with the AMCap Service members.

Service Content includes:

Asset Management Maturity Assessment

A self-assessed NAMAF (National Asset Management Assessment Framework) is sent to the member Council upon registration into the AMCap Service. Members can choose to complete the update independently OR request a facilitator who will assist via video conference.

Asset Renewal Information data sheets are distributed to the Council and collated by CT Management Group.

The data collected is used across multiple categories providing comparative and individual benchmark outputs.

SPAF – Service Planning Assessment Framework

The SPAF (Service Planning Assessment Framework) the self-assessment sheets are sent to the participating Council and data is collated by CT Management Group.

With years of experience and development, our Master Database provides a maturity assessment against benchmarks for service planning. We will highlight areas of high maturity and areas requiring attention.

Council can choose to complete the update independently OR request a facilitator who will assist via the allocated video conference time.

Financial Benchmarking

Building on the success of previous work we have done, we will continue to collect and report on benchmarking information for Councils based on both publicly available industry information and through summarising NAMAF, SPAF and Asset and Financial Benchmarking results to facilitate continuous improvement.

Financial ratios data input is collected commencing with the input of the current Councils budget information.

Council Summary Report

Our individual Council Summary report assists Council to better understand their current asset management performance, and identify areas requiring further development.

We are happy to provide council site visits on request and on a fee for service basis.

Our virtual digital approach will allow flexibility, reduces costs and council officers’ time commitment to complete the requirements of the AMCap Service.

We look forward to your council’s participation.

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