Workforce Strategy

Addressing the workplace needs of organisations.

Many organisations will see the transition of a significant proportion of mature workers to retirement over the next 5 to 10 years as our “Baby Boomer” cohort move into the next stage of their life.  This will mean the loss of critical organisational, technical and leadership skills.

The Workforce Strategy service is focused on the following outcomes:

  • A strategic self-assessment based on a gap analysis and improvement plan across key workforce strategies.
  • A strategic analysis of current workforce planning.
  • A review of supporting policies, procedures and protocols.
  • An analysis of the workforce impact on services.
  • A review of flexible working arrangements.
  • A ‘conversation’ to gain insights into attitudes and expectations around work transition to retirement.

This program is also designed to support both organisations and employees to design strategies to better support the changing needs of its mature age employees and plan flexibility for future workforce needs.

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