Strategic Service Planning

Helping you meet the challenge – levels of service, efficiency gains, community needs.

Is your council providing the services your community needs now and into the future?

Are these services being delivered at levels that are affordable in the long term?

Our Service Planning program gives council the confidence to make informed decisions on service delivery that lead to a sustainable future.

Service planning provides the transparency around comparative choices between continuation of the range of services or adjustments to the levels of service necessary for council to remain financially sustainable.

Having detailed Service Plans with costed levels of service will allow council to make comparative choice decisions in a transparent manner when service and budget adjustments are required. These plans provide a clear point of reference to manage and monitor progress towards achievement of strategic outcomes as well as forming the basis of reporting to the community and state government.

Council must remain financially sustainable to continue to provide services to its community into the future.

For a comprehensive and thorough approach to service planning, our team can support your organisation.

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