Sustainable Asset Management

Regional Manager Queensland, Owen Harvey

While we continue to support a number of Councils with their Asset Management Plans, it is pleasing to see that there is an increasing awareness for the need to ensuring that other parts of the “jigsaw puzzle” are also implemented to ensure that Asset Management practices and processes are embedded, and Council can derive long term benefits.

These include processes and tools to:

Collect robust data so that Council understands what it owns, what condition it is in and consequently what is required to ensure it keeps supporting the required service delivery

Make use of that data to inform strategic and operational planning

Develop renewal and maintenance programs based on demonstrable need, priority, risk and service requirements

Enable greater confidence in the long term financial plan inputs

The other key factor is having the capacity and capability to enable and maintain the processes and outcomes in the longer term

Understanding your business processes to identify what works, where there are gaps, ICT related issues, resourcing and capability constraints and what improvements options are available is a big step in ensuring that improvements can be achieved in sustainable Asset Management.

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