The “New Normal”

December 2021 – A Message from the Managing Director

Michael Courtney

As we resume the “new normal” and begin to relocate back to municipal offices and engage our teams the question begs –

  • Will we be able to pick up from where we left off?
  • Have the Council priorities shifted?
  • What will our communities need from us in the coming months?
  • What statutory obligations are on the horizon?

I know in our case we have introduced a hybrid working model where our staff attend our offices one day per week.

Our staff like the flexibility and productivity achieved by working from their home base, however, we also recognise the need for social and professional face to face engagement on a weekly basis.

We have relocated to a smaller footprint at 100 Fyans Street, South Geelong and as a result, reducing rental and outgoing costs.

Our Associates have “worked from anywhere” for the last 25 years so the transition to home was not difficult.

We were pleased so many of our Associates were able to maintain their positions assisting Councils through the pandemic.

We are grateful to our Associates and to you the Councils for your ongoing support.

Our view is Councils develop a transition plan to address the question of the “new normal” and provide the opportunity for staff and management to address issues post COVID, that is if we ever truly achieve post COVID!

In Victoria our business has been assisting Councils with the development of Asset Plans under section 92 of the LGA 2020 (Vic). Councils are required to have these in place by June 2022.

The challenge with the Asset Plans is ensuring the funding levels for renewal are adequate and are matched in the Council’s Long Term Financial Plan.

We can assist with the development of both the LTFP and the Asset Plans and ensure Council’s compliance and strategic planning needs are met.

We now directly assist 30 Councils with our LTFP product that is fully adapted to the Local Government legislative requirements and meets all accounting standards.

Our recent addition is the capacity for Councils to manage rolling credits arising from the timing of developer contributions. Our capital works evaluator allows for strategic prioritisation of projects and the orderly assessment of candidates for the LTFP.

By now the impact of rate capping in Victoria is beginning to challenge many Councils.

We have seen reductions in capital expenditure (particularly renewal) and reductions in services.

Councils will be faced with diminishing revenue sources and accordingly need to align expenditure to strategic priorities and understand the long-term sustainability of today’s service levels into the future.

We have assisted over 25 Councils with our Service Planning Framework where the Councils review their levels of service, priorities, and future demand to ensure the sustainability of the service provision into the future.

The clear benefit is Service Planning provides the opportunity to redesign the Council business, assess priorities, adjust service levels to strategic priorities and of course manage expenditure.

Our placement business has been inundated with requests for project managers – so please plan your project requirements and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Our project managers are experienced in all facets of capital works for Councils and many have years of municipal experience to offer.

NSW has been busy with condition assessments and there has been a growth in interest for Service Planning as Councils are wanting to align their strategic priorities and services investment.

We have also been active in the public open space assessment and strategic areas servicing both Hornsby and Murray River Councils.

In Queensland our efforts continue in Asset Management including Asset Management Plans and Building Condition Assessments. With the restrictions easing on COVID we are hoping to resume our work with the Indigenous communities in the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Finally wishing you a merry Xmas and prosperous New Year and thank you for your support through COVID-19 over the last 18 months.

We are all looking forward to the “New Normal “in 2022 !

Michael Courtney
Managing Director
CT Management Group

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