Transitioning to the Local Government Act 2020

Time is running out for Stage 2 implementation.

CT Management Group offers a strong background in governance support for the staged implementation of the Local Government Act 2020.

CT Management Group is offering solutions in the form of draft policies and guidelines along with staff training to achieve timelines required in implementing the requirements of the Act.

Our services can be provided on a subscription basis, through our governance bureau, that incorporates a training package or by purchasing completed draft shell documents on an individual basis.

Of the 391 clauses in the Local Government Act 2020, 222 clauses require specific action to be undertaken by Councils.

We have been closely monitoring the engagement processes and information from Council comments on the Engage Victoria website and have completed draft policies and charters in the following areas due by the 1 September 2020:

  • Audit and Risk Committee Charter
  • Community Assets Committee Charter
  • Reimbursement of Expenses Policy
  • Election Period Policy – to be included in Governance Rules
  • Governance Rules
  • Updated Delegations Service

Drafting has also been completed for the following:

  • Strategic Principles including an Integrated Planning Framework
  • CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy
  • Rates, Charges and Interest Hardship Policy

CT Management Group is prepared to work with multiple Councils to enable cost and resource sharing.

Our team of experienced Governance Specialists can assist councils tailor our drafts to your council needs and provide implementation training.

For further information or a proposal regarding governance services, resources or support offered by CT Management Group please contact Merv Hair, or Malcolm McKenzie, or call 1300 500 932.

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