Workforce Planning

CT Management Group’s Workforce Planning, supported by a well-developed Workforce Strategy and Improvement Plans ensure that Council has the workforce capability that the organisation requires for service delivery and a sustainable future.

If Councils are to deliver all that is required under their Council Plans, their people capability must match Council’s servicing requirements. Accordingly, the priority of Workforce Strategy planning and resourcing must be elevated

Experts warn that local government is among the sectors most “exposed” to an ageing workforce, underscoring the importance of good workforce planning. Alex Lawrie, a researcher at the Institute for Public Policy and Governance at the University of Technology Sydney has noted (2016 census) that 40% of local government workers were aged over 50 and due to retire in the next 10 to 15 years. The data also shows the ageing of local government workforce is concentrated in key groups, with asset and infrastructure management among the most affected.

CT Management Group offers variety of HR and Organisational Development support services; however Workforce Planning is the driver of preparing a sound Workforce Strategy which addresses:

  • Workforce skills identification and mapping
  • Skill and experience gaps and succession planning
  • Staff selection, recruitment and retention
  • Discussion that drives the reduction of costs and risk with respect to the workforce
  • Learning and development
  • Leadership and succession planning
  • Mature age employee retention, the cross transfer of valuable information and mentoring
  • Increased productivity, resourcing and people management across the organisation
  • Knowledge management and knowledge transfer
  • Equity and diversity
  • Transition to retirement

Our skilled and experienced Associates have the capability of assisting your Council work through the challenges of Workforce Planning and we invite you to discuss your needs with us.

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