Long Term Financial Planning

Can you afford NOT to have this important Financial Planning Tool?

Comprehensive, long term financial planning is at the core of any well run Local Government organisation.

CT Management Group’s LTFP software package has the features you need:

  • ICAA Model Compliant
  • Provides dashboard analysis that includes the VAGO and LGPRF financial sustainability ratios
  • Provides SRP Capex Summary Outputs by asset class and project identifier, asset type (renewal, upgrade, expansion and new) including funding splits across funding sources
  • Provides a 20 Year Capital works program with renewal, upgrade, expansion and new standard statements
  • Has an indexation option for renewal demand
  • Calculates Renewal Gap (annual and accumulated)
  • Populate your Model budget easily and accurately with the ‘Model Budget Worksheet’ tables and charts that populate directly from within the LTFP Model
  • Provides 3-way financial statements and rate setting statements out to 20 years
  • Has Loans modelling schedules
  • Provides rating, valuations, differential options
  • Outputs all Standard Financial Statements
  • Provides a full suite of Graphs to present financial ratios and data
  • Has Reserve tracking function
  • Multiple escalation factors – manual or calculated
  • Separate Debt worksheet
  • Automatic error checking
  • Budget and forecast capability
  • Data modelling functionality
  • End of Year Rollover function

For a free, no obligation demonstration of the LTFP – Long Term Financial Planning Model please contact our Office on 1300 500 932 or get in touch .

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