CT Management Group Services

Experience that works for you.

Our defined areas of expertise ensure that when you engage CT Management Group you can trust that we will deliver.

We help organisations achieve their goals by providing solutions supported by years of experience, specialist knowledge and skills.

Asset Management

From roads and bridges to buildings and parks, every organisation has significant assets that need to be managed and developed.

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Service Planning

Our Service Planning program gives Council the confidence to make informed decisions on service delivery that lead to a sustainable future.

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Financial Management

CT Management Group’s Financial Management services aim to assist Council on the journey to financial sustainability.

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Contract and Project Management

CT Management’s procurement, tendering, contract and project management support focuses on providing solutions to satisfy your time, budget and compliance pressures.

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We work with your organisation, to understand the alignment between strategies, plans and operations to deliver efficiencies in service delivery and improve culture and performance.

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Professional Placements

CT Management Group has an expert team of associates with extensive experience in all local government disciplines.

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Vendor Panels

We are a preferred supplier for the following Vendor Panels

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