CT Connect

Connecting Councils to Data and Services

CT Management Group introduces the next STEP for supporting data and asset management for regional and rural Councils with our comprehensive GIS & Data Support Service – CT Connect.

Every council is unique and has different requirements.  CT Management Group can provide a range of support services including:

  • Asset data capture
  • Asset data validation
  • Ensuring data integrity within the GIS and AM systems
  • Validate and update GIS linkages to other corporate systems (i.e. AM, finance and property datasets)
  • Development of additional spatial displays (GIS Layers) of data to underpin strategic decisions.
  • CT Connect is a flexible cloud-based platform and has the following features:
  • A cloud-based service hosted by a reputable and reliable vendor
  • Software vendor independent
  • CT Connect can provide GIS, asset and condition data in various formats to suit the most popular vendor financial and asset management systems
  • Secure access by a council via ‘web’ interface to access various data/services
  • Provides councils with a menu of services/tools that can be purchased as and if required
  • Access to a library/knowledge base, benchmarking data etc
  • Promotes shared services for councils.
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