Our Indigenous Affairs Policy

Indigenous Affairs Policy


The Company has established a cultural awareness within the organisation and will endeavour to implement future actions with a focus on growing our information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s pursuit of recognition and independence.

This policy provides a mechanism for respect and recognition of Aboriginal communities, developing pathways to connect our services and products to these communities.


‘Aboriginal’ the term used in this document refers to all people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent and recognised as the First Peoples of this nation.

‘’The Company’’ – in the context of this Policy means CT Management Group.


The Company acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging as the Traditional Custodians of the land on-which we live and work.

This policy provides an agenda to develop internal knowledge and to extend our organisation broadly in advancing reconciliation in the communities that we strive to make a difference. We recognise that Aboriginal history and cultures are the basis for Australia’s collective history and is something we can all be proud of and celebrate.


The Company recognises and acknowledges the value and important role the First Australians play in our communities.

The Company is committed to positive strategies for creating a harmonious relationship between it and Aboriginal communities.

The Company will provide resources where required to Aboriginal Councils and will work with local Aboriginal communities, ensuring a two-way conversation to build a solid foundation that fosters recognition and respect through reconciliation.

The Company recognises the importance of understanding and supporting cultural celebrations and highlighting the community, culture and achievements of Aboriginal individuals and communities in different regions.

We celebrate the opportunity to work with a diversity of cultures at CT Management Group and will continue our work in welcoming peoples of all backgrounds.