2021/22 Victorian Local Government Data & Ratios Packs


CT Management Group 2021/22 Financial Ratios Benchmarking Data Packs are now available specifically tailored to your Council.

The data pack captures over 500+ data points (actuals, measurements and ratios) for all Victorian Councils 10-year historic information and forward four-year budget \ forecasts as per that published during and up to 30 June 2022 (ie. Current period adopted budget and most recent annual report and performance statements).

This enables you to compare your Council data to all Council information published across Victoria using our mature and comprehensive set of commonly adopted measures and ratios.

All of this data is suitably displayed graphically in our intuitive and easy to use macro-based excel pack.

You can compare analyse your long-term trend past and projected into the future based on your current adopted position:

And then see how your Council compares to other council groups, councils within your region or other regions, or every council in the state:

The data and graphs report on VAGO, Revenue, Expense, Debt, Capital, Financial Position, Financial Performance and LGPRRF indicators and give new insights as to the current state and challenges of sector and wider:

CT Management Group’s 10 years of data captured from audited Annual Reports provides accurate and consistent information and statistics and can be used to: 

  • Alert council to performance issues
  • Ensure compliance with VAGO indicators
  • Support predictive modelling 
  • Support CEO performance reviews to demonstrate council’s financial performance succinctly 
  • Provide details for council’s website and support communications 
  • Compare data from like councils 
  • Compare data to other council categories 
  • Benchmark against all councils on all performance measures 
  • Provide comparative graphs to like sized councils for the current year 
  • Assist when councils are looking at service reviews and considering the impact of rate-capping as determined by the Essential Services Commission.

The 2021 Financial Ratios Benchmarking Data Pack is now available for $2,100 ex GST.  

For your Councils 2021/22 Financial Ratios Benchmarking Data Pack or to view the content of the data pack online, please do not hesitate to contact Simon Walsh on 1300 500 932 or via the contact form below. 

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