A Message from the National Placements Manager

Caitlin Kirby

National Placements Manager

Disaster Recovery Projects

During times of natural disasters such as flooding and wildfires, councils play a crucial role in offering immediate and long-term support, coordination, and resources to affected communities. Following such catastrophic events, local governments face the daunting challenge of rebuilding and restoring essential infrastructure that may have suffered damage or destruction. This includes repairing roads, bridges, utilities, and public facilities to ensure communities can regain their functionality. Additionally, councils leverage these unfortunate circumstances to implement preventative measures like flood mitigation strategies and hazard reduction activities, aiming to minimize the risk and impact of future disasters. The support and guidance provided by local governments, especially during moments of community uncertainty and distress, are invaluable in safeguarding lives, properties, and livelihoods.

Over the past 28 years, CT Management Group has earned a robust industry reputation as a dependable partner, offering emergency management and disaster recovery expertise at a moment’s notice. A significant portion of our Associate network possesses extensive experience in supporting and navigating such endeavours on behalf of councils, often being summoned to assist with minimal notice. As we vigilantly monitor recent natural events and their aftermath while gearing up for the future, we encourage our client network to reach out to Cait if you require additional emergency management or recovery expertise. CT Management Group stands ready to dispatch expertise in the form of an individual or mobilised team, wherever and whenever needed. Together, we can contribute to fostering even stronger and more resilient communities!

We invite you to contact National Placements Manager, Caitlin Kirby on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below, to discuss your requirements or view current resource availability via our website.

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