Asset Management – Building Condition Assessments

Our Company has been undertaking Building Condition Assessment projects for over 25 years focused on the Local Government sector, State Government agencies and the not-for-profit sector including schools and associated infrastructure.

If you are planning to update your existing building assets condition and maintenance program data, then CT Management Group is ready to provide a proposal for you.  This would provide your organisation with the following:

  1. Updated Condition Data (by building element and overall building if required).
  2. Updated and new identification of all maintenance, renewals and capital works required by:
    –  Risk rating (if required)
    –  Estimated cost
    –  Recommended year for maintenance/renewal activity
  3. Data outputs to suit various asset management systems e.g. Assetic, Conquest, TechOne.
  4. Formatted data can also be provided to be uploaded into APV Valuer Pro valuation software systems to deliver fast seamless valuations of buildings and other structures.

This data will enable you to confidently continue to be able to plan, prioritise and fund ongoing maintenance activities based on sound data.  It will also respond to Auditor General Office audits of accurate and up to date Asset Registers and condition data.

The information will also assist in informing your asset management plan and long-term financial plans.

Our distinctive competencies are our experience, maturity and independence in working with clients to enable the provision of solutions that also reflect our understanding of the asset environment.

One of our key strengths is the ability to offer senior, experienced people in project management, asset management, condition assessments and reporting, who can give you an independent professional assessment of the performance of assets.

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