Asset Management Ramping Up in Victoria

Alf Della Monica

Regional Manager – VIC/TAS

With Victorian local government elections, a little over 6 months away, councils are starting to ramp up their asset management commitments.

Section 92 of the LG Act 2020 requires councils to adopt the Asset Plan by 31 October following each election, this also includes complying with deliberative engagement practices. In order to achieve this, councils must update asset management plans, asset management strategies and asset policies prior to updating the Asset Plan (refer to the illustration below).

CT Management Group have worked on over 20 asset management projects in the last 6 months including AMCap assessments, Asset Management Plan updates and re-writes, State of the Asset Reporting, Asset Revaluations, Asset Renewal Modelling, Asset Maturity Reviews, Asset Data Management Framework and a number of Building Condition Assessments across 12 councils (in some cases completing multiple projects for these councils).

In 2024 we already have a number of asset management related projects in the pipeline and are expecting an influx in requests with the LG Act requirements.

We welcome client contact to discuss possible projects you may have in order that we may save a place for you in our pipeline.

If you require assistance with Asset Management Projects in Victoria or Tasmania, please contact Alf Della Monica – Regional Manager VIC/TAS on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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