Asset Renewal Demand Calculator

David Braby

Principal – Asset Management

CT Management Group has launched a new tool, the Asset Renewal Demand Calculator.

This user definable excel based tool enables organisations to quickly and efficiently develop and review asset renewal demand forecasts for any asset type.

The tool can be used for any asset class, asset category, asset type or sub type and can develop a range of forecast scenarios using user definable asset useful lives, condition profiles, asset degradation curves, condition intervention points and funding scenarios. The tool charts both funding demand and forecast asset condition based on the funding scenarios selected.


  • Calculate long term asset renewal demand for any asset class, asset type, sub type or component or asset material/ model.
  • Include asset replacement costs, unit rates, useful life and condition profiles.
  • Use standard or user definable asset degradation curves and intervention points.
  • Run multiple forecast scenarios using planned or estimated capital expenditure.
  • Produces a range of charts for Asset Management Planning and Plans
    – Multiple financial forecast charts
    – Condition profile charts
    – Forecast condition charts based on scenario modelled.
  • Convert condition data condition using the included condition profiles conversion tool.


  • Model renewal forecast asset renewal scenarios for each individual asset type such as:
    – Annual funding allocation amount (consistently applied over the forecast period).
    – Specific funding allocation for each year of the forecast period (i.e. from the planned Capital Works Program or LTFP).
    – Zero funding – to determine asset renewal demand irrespective of planned funding allocations.
  • Multiple renewal demand scenarios can be developed for an asset type or groups of assets using the model.


  • The model provides a range of charts to assist an organisation in developing and updating their Asset Management Plans.
  • Users can compare asset renewal demand against planned funding for each asset type and the percentage of asset forecast to be above renewal intervention.

CT Management Group is also currently working with a number of clients to successfully develop Asset Management Plans using other asset demand forecasting tools managed by clients. Some clients successfully utilise a combination of both their own renewal demand tools and the ARDC to produce robust, scenario-based AMP’s for all assets covered under an Asset Management Plan.

Our brochure provides information on inputs, forecast modelling, outputs and benefits for the user.  For more information about our asset management products and services contact David Braby – Principal – Asset Management on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.


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