Asset Renewal Demand Calculator

CT Management Group is excited to announce the launch of its Asset Renewal Demand Calculator which enables organisations to quickly and efficiently develop and review asset renewal demand forecasts.

The tool can be used for any asset class, asset category, asset type or sub type and can develop a range of forecast scenarios using user definable asset useful lives, condition profiles, asset degradation curves, condition intervention points and funding scenarios. 

The user definable excel based tool charts both funding demand and forecast asset condition based on the funding scenarios selected. 

It is a very efficient and effective tool that provides immediate feedback to users who wish to model renewal demand for a range of asset types at a group or network level. 

“Our Asset Demand Renewal Calculator is a quick and efficient network modelling tool based on our years of experience in asset management consultancy. It represents great value for money and provides great flexibility and integrity for our clients.” – Michael Courtney, Managing Director

Our brochure provides information on inputs, forecast modelling, outputs and benefits for the user.  For more information about our asset management products and services please call 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.


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