Challenges for Councils in planning a sustainable future

CT Management Group created the Sustainable Council Program to provide an assessment of councils capacity to meet the future service requirements of its communities.

Through an analysis of future service levels and capital investment options, the program provides a consultative approach across the organisation to resolve service offering, demand, priorities and the required capital investment to underpin services.

The program will assist councils respond to a number of the Auditor Generals reports in each state around council governance and compliance, financial sustainability and asset management.

The Sustainable Council Program (SCP) is designed to assist and provide councils with a way forward to a sustainable future, understanding and meeting community needs and the challenges set out within the Auditor General’s report.

The program starts with a detailed analytical view of today’s service offering and costs, including a profile of services and required capital investments, through to an agreed action plan for a sustainable future. The program provides the methodology and tools to guide affordable comparative choices between services and rationalisation where required to achieve sustainability.

With a thorough understanding of council’s sustainability and future options, the SCP enables councils to engage their community with a clear outline of the range of services, the levels of service the community wants and what they’re prepared to pay for.

Figure 1.

CT Management Group’s Sustainable Council Program:

  • Assists councils to deliver sustainable services, aligned to community needs.
  • Invest in capital programs that aligns to council’s vision and sustainable service delivery.
  • Establishes the agenda for community consultation.
  • Facilitates council’s capacity to make informed comparative choices between competing service demands based on community priorities.
  • Provides for a review of the governance framework around service, asset and financial management.
  • Provides a detailed assessment and forward plan to ensure the financial sustainability of ongoing service delivery and capital investment.
  • Identifies and addresses any existing known compliance issues reported from the Office of the Auditor General.

The four elements of the Sustainable Council Program are:

These elements and their relationship are detailed in Figure 1. These are the pillars of a sustainable municipality and the foundations upon which sound community consultation can be built.

The Sustainable Council Program can be offered as a total program over 9 to 12 months or alternatively in separate elements.

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CT Management Group has extensive experience in working with councils to achieve good governance controls and financial sustainability in today’s local government environment where available revenues must be maximised by a greater emphasis on good data and diligent asset management.

The Sustainable Council Program can be provided through the Local Buy Panel of Providers for the following panels:

  • BUS 249-0515 – Business Management Services
  • BUS 252-0615 – Asset Management Consultancy Services

CT Management Group has over 115 experienced associates with local government executive level experience available to assist councils improve services and systems. For further information on how we can assist your council, please contact Merv Hair on 1300 500 932 or complete the form below.

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