Contract & Project Management

Paula Gardiner

Principal – Contract & Project Management

It seems like only a few blinks ago Council’s had adopted their budgets and were in the crazy rush to finalise the End of Financial Year process, but here we are getting ready to enjoy the festive season.

As time continues to rush forward, we at CT Management understand the pressures of delivering projects within the tight timeframes each year, and the good news is we can help ease the workload pressure.  Whether it is to assist with the preparation of project specifications and tendering documentation, working through the procurement process, delivery of projects and/or providing contract management expertise we have a range of experienced, skilled and talented associates that can help.

CT Management associates bring a unique advantage to supporting your team as we have all worked within Local Government, therefore have a deep appreciation for the wide and varied considerations that need to be made when providing services for our community.  Reach out today if we can lend a hand.

For more information about our Contract and Project Management services contact Paula Gardiner – Principal – Contract & Project Management on 1300 500 932 or submit the form below.

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