CT Management Group Christmas Message

Well another year has just about passed. In one sense nothing really gets easier.

We all seem to be running to meet a myriad of demands, to do so within budgets is an increasing challenge.

The priority for survival today in life, in business or in Municipal Councils is to ensure the highest standards of governance. Then I would contend the welfare of one’s staff is the next priority. The latter because without a mentally and physically healthy workforce, outputs are often reduced, mistakes made and sadly at times worse.

As I have mentioned before, for Councils outside metropolitan areas is the added challenge of attracting well qualified staff to work with their elected representatives. To attract such people often will come down to the offering of a sea change. A better community spirit, without the congestion of city life.

Then there are the frustrations for regional and rural Councils of having asset maintenance and infrastructure projects tendered for and completed at affordable prices.

Ratepayers, finances, people and projects are the life line of all Councils. Not to overlook the demands of an increasing population for metropolitan councils.

Anyone who thinks 2019 is going to get easier need think again!

Therefore, as we go into what is for many a Christmas break, my message is to use the time to review your own health, and if not at the level you would like it to be, start making the changes necessary.

It is not egotistical to put your own health as your top priority. If you are not in a good place you can’t meet your responsibilities to family, business or community as well as you would wish. Leadership at home, work or on the sporting field is often more about leading by example rather than telling people what to do.

Therefore, as we all prepare for the challenges of 2019, can I suggest we start with our own health.

So Merry Christmas to all, and a healthy and new exciting year.

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