DELWP (Vic) – Asset Assessment Program

Malcolm McKenzie

National Placements Manager

DELWP (Vic) – Asset Assessment Program

CT Management Group has been awarded a contract with the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to undertake building condition and defect assessment for buildings under the control of Volunteer Committees of Management (CoM) throughout Victoria. This involves approximately 3000 buildings managed by 1250 different committees.

Volunteer Committees of Management play a valuable role in managing assets that serve the community and can include halls, clubrooms, sporting facilities, storage sheds, caravan/camping parks, administrative buildings, showgrounds, and buildings of historic significance.

The challenge that DELWP face is that there is currently a lack of information held on the multiple assets that Victoria’s Volunteer Committees of Management control and manage across the state and this lack of information hinders:

  • Understanding the magnitude, range, condition, or composition of the many built assets on Crown land, impacting budgeting and forward planning.
  • The ability to confidently attest to the detailed requirements of the Government’s mandatory Asset Management Accountability Framework (AMAF) or create strategic Asset Management Plans.
  • Volunteer CoM’s from effectively planning and undertaking informed cyclical/capital asset maintenance or upgrading building work to manage risk or improve building performance and function.
  • Capital improvement bids, through a lack of compelling supporting evidence and detail, to address the risks of the continued use of the declining state of building stock.

CT Management Group has been engaged to undertake on-site building condition assessments for each site to document all buildings and use in accordance with best practice industry standards, including:

  • Establishing an individual Asset Registers for each volunteer CoM.
  • Geolocating (GPS log) each building on its reserve.
  • Producing costed back-log, cyclical and capital maintenance/renewal reports and renewal valuation for each building.
  • Identifying risk management issues associated with each building and its use including an overall condition score.
  • Noting any insurance arrangements that may or may not be in place.
  • Noting the general condition and risks associated with all other structures and assets located on the reserve that are managed by the volunteer CoM, including shade structures, BBQs, picnic tables, playgrounds, fencing, carparks, water fountains, cricket nets, goal posts, ancillary public recreation equipment, tennis, netball and other sporting or civil infrastructure.
  • Producing a photographic record of all buildings, structures and associated issues and defects.

The assessments are being undertaken by a team of experienced inspectors using Asset Vision data collection tools and the results will be provided in a final summary report to DELWP along with an individual reports for each Committee of Management.

This major condition assessment project is part of CT Management Group’s Asset Condition Assessment Service which has projects being completed in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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