Disaster Recovery Resources and Local Government

Jarrod Bryant

Regional Manager NSW

Disaster Recovery Resources and Local Government

The impact of one natural disaster or another have been a common, yet unfortunate headline over last 2-3 years. The extraordinary impact of natural disaster events in the form of floods, fires and severe drought have resulted in numerous challenges for Councils of all sizes to wrestle with.

CT Management Group has witnessed the resource challenges occurring throughout the Local Government sector and the need for Councils to have access to skilled resources to respond to these events. The shortage of skills and experience in many areas relating to disaster management have impacted the ability of Councils to be prepared and/or respond to these events, particularly without hampering business as usual requirements. This is an understandable position given many Local Government Associations don’t have the resource base or capacity to hold redundancy in the event of a natural disaster occurring.

At CT Management Group we have a pool of specialist Associates available to provide flexible and time-sensitive solutions to disaster management requirements. We are experts at ensuring all disaster management requirements are covered, be it planning, asset management, condition assessments, project management and more. Through our team of over 100 Associates, we are also able provide temporary placements to cover business as usual vacancies, and/or provide project specific resources to work on defined project outcomes.

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