Disaster Recovery Resources for NSW Councils following 2022-23 disasters

Jarrod Bryant

Regional Manager NSW

Disaster Recovery Resources for NSW Councils following 2022-23 disasters

The last 2-3 years have been extraordinary to say the least.

With the occurrence of numerous natural disasters in the form of floods and fires (occurring in the wake of severe drought), and the impact of the pandemic, the challenges that have mounted for Council’s has been nothing short of immense.

At a time when the pace of change is rapid and unpredictable, CT Management Group is witnessing numerous resource challenges occurring throughout the Local Government sector.

The shortage of skills and experience in many areas, and the highly competitive nature of the jobs market appears to be impacting many Councils.

The struggle to fill vacancies has the potential to result in works programs falling behind schedule, asset failure becoming prevalent, and the escalation of risks to the community increasing to never-before-seen levels.

At CT Management Group we specialise in providing flexible solutions for our clients to ensure that they can deliver and maintain their levels of service.

Through our team of over 100 Associates, we are able provide temporary placements to cover vacancies, and/or provide project specific resources to work on defined project outcomes.

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