Disaster Recovery Resources for NSW Councils following 2023 disasters

Jarrod Bryant

Regional Manager NSW

Disaster Recovery Resources for NSW Councils following 2023 disasters

As 2023 draws to a close and we take a moment to reflect on the year that was, part of that process of reflection may focus upon the tally of natural disasters that have befallen the country in the last 12 months. A look at the declared natural disasters for NSW along in 2023 comes to a total of 16 events across the State.

With the occurrence of natural disasters in the form of floods and fires, the challenges that have mounted for Council’s in 2023 have been significant. From a resourcing perspective it is extremely difficult to predict what skills will be needed on the ground to respond to these events. Additionally, there is a need to be flexible and responsive when an event hits and the focus is upon ensuring the community gets back on their feet as quickly as possible.

CT Management Group specialise in providing flexible solutions for our clients to ensure that they can deliver and maintain their levels of service. Through our team of over 100 Associates, we are able lend support when Councils are most in need.

Our services are tailored towards lending support during these periods of extreme demand, and include:

  • Disaster Project Management Office set-up and operation.
  • General Project Management services.
  • Asset Management services ranging from building condition assessments to asset condition assessments for all other asset categories, including dilapidation reports.
  • Associate placements to assist Council’s while internal resources are working on disaster related issues.
  • Development of Capital Works programs and Maintenance programs to ensure all works elements are captured.
  • Contract Management services to ensure that Council’s receive value for money when engaging contractors to provide the necessary repair works.

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